I’ve worked for bosses that are visionaries, and I tend to let myself think this way regularly. Staying on-task is ultimate, but thinking outside the box is a valuable asset in our competitive environment.

One of the management styles I possess for sure is the concept of an open environment welcoming ideas and free discussion. I mean, why would you not open the floor to the dynamic team that you’ve assembled around you? Why stifle their great ideas?

Mindmapping ideas as a team is a sure way to flesh out those that should make the cut and head for further planning or R&D.

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Visionary bosses can be exciting, fun, and innovative. They can also feel overwhelming when there’s no way that you can keep up with all of their creative ideas.

Working with a boss who has a constant flow of creative ideas can be stimulating — or debilitating. By using these four strategies, you can leverage your boss’s creative strengths while minimizing the stress and frustration of trying to keep up.

  1. Foster Mutual Respect
  2. Recognize Not All Ideas Require Action
  3. Explain the Time Commitment
  4. Come Back to the Plan

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