Just when you thought Google was the big boy …

Maybe Google is not the baddest in the land. Propaganda will blanket us if we let it.

Yes, Google has more unique visitors worldwide. But who cares? I don’t do business worldwide. I do business in the U.S. And in the U.S., Yahoo! rules.

May 2011 U.S. numbers according to comScore:

  1. Yahoo! – 188.8 million people
  2. Google – 180 million
  3. Microsoft – 179.8 million

May 2011 worldwide numbers according to comScore:

  1. Google – 1 billion
  2. Microsoft – 905 million
  3. Facebook – 714 million
  4. Yahoo! – 689 million

Then when you think about this from an online advertiser’s perspective, the Microsoft Bing / Yahoo! partnership through the Microsoft adCenter portal makes much more sense knowing these numbers. Hmm. PPC dollars to ponder …

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