How To: Mark Blog Articles As Read When Using an RSS Reader such as Google Reader

I received a question this weekend from one my blog readers and thought the topic and answer is worth sharing. Here is Kate’s question:

Hi Keith, Just watched your “Coffee with the CEO: Why should you use an RSS feeder?” I can’t figure out how to delete the articles I’ve read. Couldn’t find an answer in blogs; only frustrated people asking how, and getting an instruction on how to delete a feed, but not parts that have been read. How do you deal with this?

I think the answer to this question maybe easier than you may have imagined. We use Google Reader religously so I’ll walk through the steps while using that software.

  1. Open Google Reader ( and log into your Google account.
  2. If you have not done so, subscribe to several RSS feeds around the Internet that interest you. I have listed two near the bottom of this article you can start with.
  3. Once subscribed in Google Reader, your feeds will now show in a list in the left column of the interface.
  4. Click on a feed and by default all new articles that you have not yet read will display in the right portion of the interface.
  5. Now, you can do one of two functions to read through the articles. Either scroll through the right reading area using the scrollbars or click the “J” key on your keyboard to page through each of the new articles.
  6. In Google Reader, once you read the articles, they are removed from new status and are marked as read. No “deleting” required.
  7. The next time you call up your Google Reader application, the read articles will not show in the available reading list.

I hope this answers the question about the need to delete articles from Google Reader. If you have other questions or need more clarification, let me know in the comments below. Oh, and be sure to share this article with your friends using the Sociable buttons below!

Wondering what an RSS Reader is or need some background info on RSS Feeds? Click here to watch the video.

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