How to Fail with Advertising

I found myself this afternoon driving around Town Center in Virginia Beach looking for a parking space before a lunch meeting at Gordon Biersch. For those of you that do not live in Virginia Beach, Town Center is ‘the’ business mecca in Southside Hampton Roads.

In front of me at a stop light was this (photo below) mobile truck advertisement. With a quick glance you can tell the ad is for a television program. I can make a logical guess that the advertiser just wants me to tune in to the tv show.

But what if the advertiser were to display a website address (URL) on the ad. Wouldn’t that make more sense? A website builds community. A website builds loyalty. A website builds a list of┬áconsumers that like you that could potentially buy from you. A website creates a location for more (lesser expensive) advertising. A website provides a location for past shows on video. I could go on but you get the picture.

Don’t miss out with your advertising. Don’t think that inbound marketing sources are only from online tentacles branching from your web hub. Use your offline techniques to build a more loyal online community.

Traditional Mobile Advertising

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