Happy Birthday, Digital Advertising!

According to Advertising Age (magazine), October 27th, 2009 is the 15th anniversary of the first banner ad. The ad appeared on Hotwired.

AND THE WORLD WAS NEVER THE SAME! How has online advertising changed your life or business?

The Banner Campaign that Started a $24 billion Business, and Got a 78% Click-through Rate
Oct. 27 marks the 15th anniversary of the industry’s first banner display ads, which appeared on Hotwired.com. To the many of you reading this who weren’t in the business back then, that’s not a typo; I’m not referring to www.HotWire.com, the travel site, but HotWired — the first commercial digital magazine on the web and the offshoot of Wired magazine.

Read the full article here on Advertising Age.

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