Linux computer

Gotta be the easiest hack of all time. Nice job, Linux.

According to a report from Motherboard, hacking into a Linux computer is as easy as hitting the backspace key 28 times. Huh? Really?

If you’re trying to steal someone’s files from his or her computer, getting past the login screen can be hard, if not impossible. But thanks to a bizarre bug in several distributions of Linux, all you need is to hit the backspace key 28 times.

Two security researchers from the Cybersecurity Group at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in Spain found that it’s possible to bypass any kind of authentication and take control of a locked-down computer that runs Linux just by hitting the backspace 28 times. The bug is in Grub2, the bootloader used to initialize “most Linux systems,” according to the researchers, who published their research on Tuesday.

Here is the full report.


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