Gordy Genealogy

Sydni Elizabeth Parnell, b. 1997, Norfolk, Virginia
Jennifer Annette (Parnell) Muro, b. 1985, Newport News, Virginia
Maclin Hope Muro, b. 2015, Newport News, Virginia
Jeri Annette Muro, b. 2012, Newport News, Virginia
Michael Keith Parnell, b. 1963, Columbus, Georgia
Frances Ann (Gordy) Parnell, b. 1941, Phenix City, Alabama
Amos Nunnally Gordy, Sr., b. 1906, Harris County, Georgia
William L Gordy
William Jasper Gordy
George Gordy

. . . more coming soon . . .


  1. Barbara Marland Reply

    Man……. I am very imporessed with all this imformation and also
    very proud of you. Know you have worked hard to get where you
    are. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care of yourselves.
    Love you All. Aunt Barbara