Google Shakes Up Web Analytics, Again

Google has been piloting Google Analytics Premium throughout 2011 and already has a number of clients in live production. It is also worth noting that the free edition of Google Analytics will continue to be available in its current form. How is Google Analytics Premium different? Google Analytics Premium offers enhancements above and beyond the free offering in several key categories:
  • Support. GA Premium customers get a dedicated account manager, training, access to Google implementation and technical specialists, and 24/7 support via phone and email for critical issues.
  • Service Level Agreement. The GA Premium SLA features guarantees – with penalties – for data collection, processing, and reporting.
  • Processing and features. GA Premium offers increased limits on data collection and custom variables, unsampled reporting, and enhanced attribution modeling.
  • Fee structure. GA Premium is available for a single, flat annual fee of $150,000.
  • Partners. Google has expanded the Google Analytics Certified Partner program to include a specific certification for GA Premium. These partners are authorized to resell, implement, and support GA Premium in line with the standards set by Google’s direct support capabilities. Several partners, both in the UK and US, are now certified for GA Premium.

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