Google Is Telling Us SEO Is Nothing Without Content Marketing. Is Your Small Business Finally Listening?

Google is the leading search engine, by means of queries, in the world. But it does not matter if the leader is Google, Bing, Yahoo or One factor is constantly being emphasized, and that is quality organic content creation. If your business, small or large, is ignoring the evolution of search, you’re just plan out of luck.

Let’s review an online marketing checklist:

  • Your business has a website – CHECK
  • Your website was designed with SEO in mind – CHECK
  • Your business has a social media presence – CHECK
  • Your business has compiled a comprehensive keyword list – CHECK

Your business has invested time and money to make sure all of the checklist is covered, but your website is generating little or very few leads. Your website traffic has declined, your social communities have hit a wall.

As a business owner or decision-maker, what are your options to regain your websites thunder and make it a viable lead generator?

  1. Quality Organic Content Creation – Content creation that serves a purpose is shared through social communities, and its education will elevate your website’s SERP. The more content that is created about current and relevant topics to your industry, the more the search engines promote them. The more your content is shared and interacted with by consumers and friends, the more search engines promote them.
  2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising – If your business has just launched a content creation campaign and does not have the time invested in place to go after search results, PPC can be a excellent opportunity to garner your website’s initial traffic boost. PPC is generally more costly than content creation but, as mentioned earlier, can drive a high volume of initial traffic to your website. One your business has established a history of content creation and the search engines have had time to index your website, a visit to your marketing plan will be in order to determine if PPC advertising is still necessary.

The bottom line? Quality organic content is king. Search engines will continue to evolve and benefit those who are actively involved in the digital world. If your competitors are not looking at inbound marketing, let’s make sure you get a leg up.

Google Is Telling Us SEO Is Nothing Without Content Marketing – Is Your Small Business Finally Listening?

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