Getting started in Sports Marketing

dusty baseball glove

If your sports organization is lagging behind the digital marketing world, and it probably is, it’s time to get in the game. Let’s walk through a few steps to get you started.

Identify and research your target audience. Know who they are. Know where they live (online and offline). Know what they like and do not like. For example, the Norfolk Tides (AAA baseball club for the Baltimore Orioles) has a huge following in southside Hampton Roads (Virginia). Their target audience includes baseball fanatics and kids that love sports. Their potential target audience could include people that go to outside events such as concerts. So, make sure to identify each segment and thoroughly understand what they think and how they live.

Make sure your brand is attractive. It’s almost unfair to talk about the Washington Nationals or the Dallas Cowboys when we compare brands to our team. But it’s no accident that their logos are memorable. Be as distinct as you can with your visual brand so people know it’s you when they see your logo on a kid’s t-shirt or a billboard on the highway.

Create a compelling and consistent message. In sports marketing it’s important to be consistent across your communications platforms. Whether you’re creating press releases, Facebook blurbs, or copy for a local radio spot, a compelling message is imperative. And just as important is to tailor your message for each audience. When you see a post on Instagram from the D.C. United soccer club, it’s going to use a different tone and slightly different copy of the same message in the Washington Post. Again, know your audience.

When you’re truly tired of losing and not getting noticed, give me a shout. Let’s get your team on the right track.