For those of you that do not know, I am a Governor-appointed Commissioner to the Board of Hampton Roads Transit. So I feel obligated to share thoughts and ideas more than occasionally on public transportation. Thanks for indulging me.

In this case we can all draw from the thought of what is maybe a different way of doing business for you. All of us have concerns and challenges in our business life, whether it’s technology or employees or efficiencies or customer service, that hinder our performance. Thinking outside the box may give us that solution we’ve been searching or, at least, get us thinking down a path toward an innovative resolution.

Pushing technology innovation and creatively addressing business concerns can change the public transportation landscape through new modes of mobility. Think outside the box!



Disclaimer: Keith Parnell was appointed by Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe in 2016 as the City of Norfolk’s Commissioner to the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads, the governing body of Hampton Roads Transit. Keith was sworn into office by The Honorable George Schaefer in a ceremony at Norfolk Circuit Courthouse.