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Conduit set to take on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

Fascinating concept — encapsulate computer power that’s sitting dormant, and position those systems into a grid computing solution to take on the big boys.

Conduit claims that it is building the first collective computer that can supply computing power faster than Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services can. As it emerges out of stealth mode, the startup founded by an MIT graduate will use the collective grid computing solution derived from different institutions across the country starting with its alma mater. What does this mean? Simply put, it directs supply sources — unused or excess computing power from dormant computers and toward demand sources. If this sounds like an Airbnb for computing — it is.

The computing power that the Conduit network can provide is up to 100 petaflops. For scale, an iPhone operates around 1-10 gigaflops. So that makes 100 petaflops equal to 100 million iPhones. Time wise, computing power of that scale can turn a job that takes 10 hours in approximately less than 10 minutes.

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