City of Norfolk Emergency Public Alert on Hurricane Irene

Emergency Broadcast Message
The City continues to monitor Hurricane Irene, and all departments are preparing for emergency operations. It appears Norfolk will begin feeling wind and rain effects on Saturday morning. While the track and intensity is uncertain, it is important that you use the next two days to prepare for the possibility of severe disruption at the local and regional level. Preparations should include:

Make a Kit: Have an Emergency supply kit for everyone in your family. Be prepared with at least 3 days of food, water and other items you need on a daily basis. Include supplies for your pets. Fill your car’s gas tank. Prepare for loss of power.

Make a Plan: There are currently no evacuation orders. However, you should discuss plans with your family in the event that you do need to relocate. Look out for your elderly or disabled neighbors. Locate and protect valuable documents, such as insurance policies and prescriptions.

Stay Informed: Listen to radio and TV for the most update information. Check or call 664-7200 for current information for Norfolk-specific information. Have a battery power or crank radio just in case you lose power.

As more information becomes available, the city will send further updates on Norfolk Alert, Facebook and Twitter.

If you have further questions, call the Norfolk Care Center at 664-6510

Thank you for using Norfolk Alert, a public notification service of the City of Norfolk.

norfolk skyline night

image credit: City of Norfolk

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