Chris Would Say that I Could Do Better

Are you wondering aloud where I’m going with that title? :) I know, this could go in a thousand different directions.

eye catchingTruth is, the title is about ‘titles that catch your attention’. Specifically, blog article titles that catch your attention. In the wonderful world of inbound marketing, strategically crafted titles are invaluable for SEO (search engine optimization), which leads to great organic search results, which leads to website / blog traffic, which leads to (we hope) lead generation from your efforts.

While scanning the RSS feeds in my Google Reader this morning, I ran across an article that Chris wrote titled, “How Do You Stack Up“. He wrote about just this topic. He wondered how his blog article titles stacked up against the world for attraction by scanning eyeballs. Chris’ list of most recent titles are below –

  • The Location Game – Over on OPENForum
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Review
  • How Social Media Can Power Your Business – Kitchen Table Talks
  • Points of Contact
  • The Social Media Pie – over on OPEN Forum
  • How I Use Mindmapping to Write
  • Cubicle Farming
  • New Job New You – a Book Review
  • The Writing Practice
  • Switch- A Book Review
  • The Beginning – Kitchen Table Talks
  • How NOT to Help Haiti
  • How Systems Thwart Service
  • Your Farmer List
  • Living In Google Wave
  • What is Your Pop-Up Store
  • Get Seen- Do It Now
  • Represented by the APB Speaker’s Bureau
  • More Fun Than Competition
  • Business Stripped Bare – Book Review
  • Do One Thing Very Well
  • How Heartfelt Marketing Delivers
  • The Future Is Evidently Blurry
  • A Customer Aware World
  • Experiment- 30 Days of Bing
  • Deepen Your Networks
  • New Sponsor – Search Engine Strategies NYC
  • Are You Ready for Fun

What do you think? Did his blog article titles catch your eye?

Well, now I need to go look at my last few blog article titles. I wonder how mine stack up?

  • February Schedule for Coffee with the CEO #cwtc
  • Weather in Hampton Roads is so jacked!
  • Our kids are connected – Are you?
  • God will give Wisdom, just ask
  • February IMG Session : Blogging for Business : You’re invited!
  • I’ll help, we’ll do it together.
  • Blogging gives you a Rockstar Voice. Use it!
  • Top 10 Posts of 2009
  • Social Media for Business comes to Norfolk
  • Local #hrva Live Jams at Starbucks
  • Agency’s Pitch requires the Right Brain and Left Brain
  • Testing of Your Faith Develops Perseverance
  • This is what I’m doing to you –
  • NPR says the Phonebook’s Days are Numbered. Do you?
  • What the heck is Inbound Marketing?
  • Late Night Chillin
  • Join Me at @gbvabeach at Town Center
  • Can you remember Doody Calls?
  • Prank Phone Call – Dublin School Demolition – Hilarious video!
  • Why blogging will (still) change the world
  • Twitter Updates for 2010-01-14

Hmm, I think I need work. Some are ideal for SEO. Some are ideal for eye-catching. But I need to get better. What about you? Do you stack up? Could you do better with your blog article titles?

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