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Say goodbye to TikTok?

“US Sens. Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer are worried the Chinese government can secretly use TikTok for counterintelligence purposes because the app is owned by a
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Enterprise Technology & Software Marketing

In the ever evolving world of marketing for enterprise technology and software companies, it is imperative to establish strategies and leverage tactics that will produce verifiable

Innovation in Transportation

“It’s no longer enough just to innovate, we must drive the digital future for our company, our clients and our communities.” I couldn’t have said this
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When do you order a new phone?

Since quality photography is part of my job, it’s important to have the newest and best smartphone camera on the market. It’s also a priority to
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Technology History Timeline

My friend, Linda Alchin, a history author, published this technology timeline at datesandevents.org. How fascinating! 100% of the credit goes to her for gathering the data
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The art of writing a Press Release

Not everyone can write an effective press release right out of the gate. Well, no one can really. If I could add anything to Ellie’s list