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Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer. Board Commissioner. Husband. Dad. Poppie. Bama, Braves, Falcons, Capitals fan.
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Enterprise Technology & Software Marketing

In the ever evolving world of marketing for enterprise technology and software companies, it is imperative to establish strategies and leverage tactics that will produce verifiable
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What does KP Innovation Lab do?

KP Innovation Lab specializes in leveraging marketing strategies and tactics to make your vision for your organization a reality. We become your in-house or outsourced marketing

Innovation in Transportation

“It’s no longer enough just to innovate, we must drive the digital future for our company, our clients and our communities.” I couldn’t have said this
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Stay true to your ideas

Most times the marketing and execution are bad, not the idea. If you believe in your idea, don’t give up on it. Develop a solid plan,

Tackling Branding as a Team

“In today’s world, marketing should be a part of every job role in the organization, not just those who work on the marketing team.”

Creative Advertising meets Sports Marketing

I’ve seen this creative advertising technique used in several other sports, including Washington Nationals games and Atlanta Braves games in baseball, but this is my first
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Are your ideas lonely?

Is the strategy behind your marketing plan shooting for the right audience? Have you done your research? Does each initiative, including your digital marketing program, identify

Why would you rebrand your company?

As challenging as it may be, there are several worthwhile reasons to undertake a rebranding of your company. Anthony lays them out nicely: Your brand mission
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Getting started in sports marketing

If your sports organization is lagging behind the digital marketing world, and it probably is, it’s time to get in the game. Let’s walk through a