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Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer. Board Commissioner. Husband. Dad. Poppie. Bama, Braves, Falcons, Capitals fan.
Keith Parnell

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Keith Parnell

Customer analysis sounds easy, right?

Understanding the mindset of your customer should be your number one priority. From there, establishing a plan of attack including ad design, executing ad placement, and
Keith Parnell

Press Release creation is an art

We like to think, in this age of digital marketing, that traditional communication methods are gone or, at least, on the way out. Wrong — not
Keith Parnell

Who are you talking to?

Who are you talking to when creating that dynamic content? It’s your customer, right? Or better, that consumer you want to be your customer, right? Now
Keith Parnell

Helping our community any way I can

Happy weekend, peeps. I’m putting together a list of companies that could really use some marketing and advertising help, especially now in the middle of the
Keith Parnell

Are you offering a solution?

Do you talk just to hear yourself talk? Do you create your ads to talk to you? Among other important guidelines, understanding that your content should
Keith Parnell

What does the data say?

Are you tracking your efforts? Have you done your market research? What does your competitive environment look like? Does your public (not just fanbois) like you?
Keith Parnell, TDCHR Board

TDCHR Board Meeting via Conference Call

The Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads (TDCHR) Board meeting is today at 1pm via conference call (due to COVID-19-related restrictions). The TDCHR is HRT’s governing
Keith Parnell

How progressive is your City?

Where does your City fall on the scale of forward-thinking? Are they looking to tomorrow for solutions to tomorrow’s challenges? Establishing a tomorrow mindset will keep
Keith Parnell

Technology could be your answer

I love technology: creative software that makes my life more efficient, intriguing complex networks, sharing information/images across devices, Android Auto (sly shout out to my iphone
Keith Parnell

Is your leadership style too rigid?

When was the last time you sat down with your team and allowed them to free-flow ideas without judgement? When was the last time you allowed
Keith Parnell

Your boss is not boss, not here

Yes, we all know the boss is the boss. But our boss doesn’t make purchasing decisions on our products and services. Our customers are number one.