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Think with Google

How 3 top brands transformed their video ad strategies

A return to the TV screen is hardly a return to traditional media. In the U.S., the number of people who streamed YouTube or YouTube TV on their TV screens in December 2020 increased by 20% from the start of the year. According to Brian Albert,…
old fashioned cocktail

Alcohol to-go is the new norm

Texas joins nine other states today to make alcohol-to-go a permanent law. Arkansas, Wisconsin, Montana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, Oklahoma and Georgia, along with Washington, D.C. have all joined the party. #restaurantmarketing…
application tech job

Unemployment Numbers vs Jobs Available

The latest unemployment numbers show 8-10M people out of work in the United States. Today's reports on CNBC are showing 8M jobs are available for workers. Hmmm. I know for sure that our restaurants* are stru-ggah-ling to find people willing…

The death of demographics in advertising

No longer should generic, space-filled demographics guide our marketing activities. Psychographics has overtaken the need for demographic data sets.

Blowin’ Zaps

I'm diggin' zaps much more than anything buffer or has ever offered. What's your new tech that you've discovered that works for you?
Bus & Bean Coffee website

Did you see Bus & Bean Coffee?

Have you experienced our latest project yet? Take a tour,, through Bus & Bean Coffee's new online store.  KPIL designed, developed, configured, and launched B&BC's eCommerce presence which looks to…
Keith Parnell

A different perspective

Because I have on a Cogans Pizza t-shirt in my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profile, each post I make on all those communities is a mini-ad for Cogans. Spreading the love organically ...
prism goggles at concert

Market Intelligence. Is yours?

Consumer patterns can be gleaned from the right studies with the right questions of the right people, our customers and lost customers - market intelligence.
Keith Parnell

Congratulations from Virginia Lieutenant Governor on TDCHR Appointment

I received a very thoughtful congratulations letter from Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam on my appointment to the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads. Thank you, sir. Again, I am very humbled. Commonwealth of…
Keith Parnell

Virginia Governor McAuliffe Appoints JASE Group CEO Keith Parnell to Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Keith Parnell, has been appointed by Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe to the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads. Keith will serve as the City of Norfolk’s Commissioner to the…
Family Christmas 2006

Do we love our customers enough to use social media?

In this age of sprouting social media, social networks and easy-to-use social communities, are we really practicing what we preach? Do we use social media to communicate and even more importantly to interact with our customers? We should.…
Family Christmas 2006

Yahoo is the most searched term on Google!

That's right! According to Slashdot, the term "Yahoo" has just surpassed "sex" as the most popular search term on Google over the past 12 months. Why would that be? Do Internet searchers really prefer the Yahoo! engine over the Google engine?…
Family Christmas 2006

Michael (Keith) Parnell – CIO Bio

As Chief Information Officer of Stratum, Keith Parnell has led the company into a new era of leveraging information technology to deliver value to customers. Under his leadership, Stratum is on a path to development that has driven behavior…