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Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer. Board Commissioner. Husband. Dad. Poppie. Bama, Braves, Falcons, Capitals fan.
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Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Clark Jr, Eric Clapton

Where do I watch music videos today?

I’m watching a dynamite feature on Gary Clark, Jr. on CBS Sunday Morning. He’s a great blues/rock/soul guitar player, by the way. Check him out if
commie apple

I ❤ Ricky Gervais!

More than ever, I love Ricky Gervais! I agree — if you own an iPhone, I don’t want to hear anything out of you about the
PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue

Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

Love that my favorite color will be the Color of the Year for 2020. Pantone has announced that PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue will be our celebrated
Josh Jacobs

Learning how to be a man

“They taught me how to speak and communicate. They taught me about finance. And they taught me how to be a man.“* This is great to
KP dog paws on keyboard

MarTech fits, I promise

Yes, our job is to deal with people. Yes, our job is understand people. Yes, our job is to communicate with people. Moving some daily tasks
KP customer

Do you know your customer?

It’s so odd to still run into companies, even their marketing teams, that do not know and understand their customer. Stop everything you’re doing right now
saying goodbye to jase

Goodbye Ole Friend

This is a very sad day in my professional career. After 22 years of successes, accomplishments, lessons-learned, meeting many amazing friends, and working with some very-very
KP woman holding phone

The art of writing a Press Release

Not everyone can write an effective press release right out of the gate. Well, no one can really. If I could add anything to Ellie’s list