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Be yourself. You know, Brand your Culture.

I read this great quote this morning from Milan Martin talking how you represent your agency’s brand to a prospective client. Essentially the message is to be yourself. Represent your brand and your company’s culture accurately and more often than not, you will win over the confidence of your audience.

When they [a prospective client] visited our agency, did we take them to Chez Francois for lunch? No. We had Shake Shack brought in. Double cheeseburgers, black-and-white shakes and fries. On paper plates. Because that’s us. We’re burger-eating, jeans-wearing, show-you-an-idea-even-if-it’s-not-completely-baked-yet kind of people. And that doesn’t work for everyone.

Misrepresenting your agency culture or your personality in a pitch would be like convincing a beautiful girl to marry you based on your common love for Michael Bolton. You may have won her hand, but you’ve got a lifetime of Michael Bolton ahead of you. And if you weren’t a Michael Bolton fan to begin with, the thrill of “victory” will soon fade with each rendition of “When a Man Loves a Woman.”

Source story: What We Learned From a Client’s Parking Lot


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