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Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer. Board Commissioner. Husband. Dad. Poppie. Bama, Braves, Falcons, Capitals fan.
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MarTech fits, I promise

Yes, our job is to deal with people. Yes, our job is understand people. Yes, our job is to communicate with people. Moving some daily tasks
how long does your content last

Where to publish your awesome content

How long does your content last on the internet? Minutes? Hours? Days? Obviously, because you’re reading this on my blog, I wholly endorse this data from
King Tuck

Today is National Cook For Your Pets Day

On this National Cook For Your Pets Day, what will you be whipping up in the kitchen for your baby? #KingTuck #minpinrescue #miniaturepinscher #family #NationalCookForYourPetsDay Our
McCafe holiday

Listen to your customers!

You may not like McDonald’s. You may not like their coffee or food. But, we can learn a lot from the fast-food giant. Listen to your

Say goodbye to TikTok?

“US Sens. Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer are worried the Chinese government can secretly use TikTok for counterintelligence purposes because the app is owned by a
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Do you know your customer?

It’s so odd to still run into companies, even their marketing teams, that do not know and understand their customer. Stop everything you’re doing right now
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Let’s be real

If your food distributor does your restaurant’s marketing for you, it’ll show. If your menu printer does your creative graphics for you, it’ll show. If your

Caius’ baby dedication

We had so much fun this evening at Caius’ baby dedication. We don’t take for granted how lucky we are! #grandbabiesrock
Doc Fords in Ft. Myers

Lunch @ Doc Fords

Lunch at the famous #DocFords in #FortMyersFL on the way out of dodge. They said, “we’re kind of a big deal” around here. #GulfOfMexico