An opinion on Indian mascot names from someone with American Indian heritage

I’m sure that most of you already know that my family is from Creek Indian heritage. So with the right to express my opinion, here is my take on using Indian slang names for schools and sports mascots.

For me, some mascot names such as Chiefs, Braves, and Warriors are not seen as demeaning slang names. Honestly, these are flattering descriptions of some groups of people in American Indian history.

On the other hand, Redskins is very offensive. Taking emotion out of the conversation, emotion of a Washington football fan, just think of those names literally and you can probably see where I’m coming from. You’re going to make fun of a skin color, not to mention repeat a derogatory term that was used during the era of our American indigenous genocide?

In a perfect world, racial slang names such as redskin, jap, the n-word, wop, etc., would not exist. Why should they exist? Is it really asking too much not to offend a whole race of people in this crazy world?

Creek Indians


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