My traditional software development life cycle is a thing of beauty . . . a proven template for success. But there are variations. I love variations — trials, lessons-learned, new processes = continued success, just following a different route.

Born was agile software development. That term has been around for a while. The practice of being agile during software development is older, decades old, at least in my world it is.

Agile software development takes a flexible mindset. Being able to import and absorb adjusted business unit requirements in mid cycle is a necessity. Being able to process and adjust is a talent. The Planning, Development, Testing, Documentation, Deployment, and Maintenance teams must all buy-in, maintain focus, and understand their roles in the process.

I will talk more over the next few weeks on specific responsibilities throughout the agile process. But if nothing else is gained from this article, understand this — agile software development guarantees a better chance of delivering greater business value and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Just based on that fact, I’m in!