8 Tips to Help Your Blog Be More Successful

  1. Worry about your looks. If your blog is not orga­nized and does not fol­low your exist­ing brand­ing guide­lines, peo­ple will not find you attrac­tive. Pay atten­tion to the cos­met­ics.
  2. Com­ment on other blogs. We talk about inbound links all the time. Com­ment­ing on other pop­u­lar blogs and leav­ing links back to your blog arti­cles is a great way to build inbound traf­fic.
  3. Use media in your blog posts. Add images to your arti­cles. Add video to your arti­cles. Tons of text with no per­son­al­i­ty makes Jack a dull guy.
  4. SEO! Know it. Under­stand it. You don’t have to be an expert but under­stand how and why you need organ­ic traf­fic that Google can send your way.
  5. Proof­read your copy. Not every­one is a gram­mat­i­cal genius. Actu­al­ly, there are not too many gram­mat­i­cal genius­es in the world. But gram­mar and spelling can quick­ly dis­cour­age your read­ers from return­ing to your blog for more infor­ma­tion. Microsoft Word has won­der­ful spell check­ing and gram­mar check­ing tools. Use them.
  6. Blog on a sched­ule. It doesn’t mat­ter what the sched­ule is or how often you decide to blog. Just set a sched­ule so your read­ers can know when to expect new con­tent.
  7. Keep track of your vis­i­tors’ com­ments. Reply back when some­one com­ments on your blog arti­cles. Even if in a pri­vate con­ver­sa­tion like we some­times do, don’t ignore your vis­i­tors.
  8. Write killer head­lines. What would strike the inter­est of your read­ers? Put your­self in their shoes for a moment and ask your­self if you would click on that link with that head­line.

Blog­ging is an extreme­ly effec­tive inbound mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. Want to know more about the ben­e­fits of blog­ging for your busi­ness? Con­tact JASEtoday.


image cred­it: Kristi­na B on flickr

8 Tips to Help Your Blog Be More Successful

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