Keith Parnell

2019, the year of the KP brand

Looking back at 2018, a lot has changed, and a lot is in the middle of changing. My 2019 marketing strategies will be a mix of learning from 2018 and moving forward with new and improving ideas.

So, where to start? Testing and regulating a schedule will be important for content delivery. Readers like consistency. An in-depth review of popular times of the day and days of the week gives me the guidance I need. Google Analytics is my friend here, along with trend analysis on my social communities sharing.

Video. I stink at video. I know that. But there are some topics, some strategies, some locations, and some activities that my target likes. I plan to tackle video head-on and make it a medium that brings value to the people I want to reach.

I will be focusing more on storytelling. Lists are great, and I will still use them. But stories are more compelling. I have enjoyed a lot of fun experiences in my career that most people don’t know about. I plan to let the dogs out. Be ready. :) 

Building my personal brand will be a top priority in 2019. I worked hard over the years to elevate the JASE brand to one of the most well-known in Hampton Roads. With that chapter coming to a close at the end of the year, 2019 will be the year of the KP brand–my craft, appearances in the community, benefits I can provide to you, my professional areas of expertise, and my family will all be priority.

More importantly is the overall plan and its associated goals. My 2019 plan will hit me in the face every morning when I step into my office. I will follow it. I will adjust as necessary. And I will deliver.

What are you looking to achieve in 2019? Have you thought through your plan for next year? I can help with that if you need. Let’s talk.


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