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VDOT Moves Forward on Long-Term Solutions for I-264 and I-64 in Hampton Roads

Did we finally get what we wanted? Yes, the roads will be fixed. But at what cost?

Public transit folks. Public transit. Our little city (region) must grow up! We must begin thinking bigger picture.

VDOT Moves Forward on Long-Term Solutions for I-264 and I-64 in Hampton Roads

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell today announced that Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has developed solutions to prevent the reoccurrence of the pothole situation that developed on Interstate 264 on Friday, Feb. 8, resulting in severe traffic impacts to motorists traveling along the roadway.

“I am pleased that the General Assembly recently approved a historic funding package that will enable VDOT to make the types of repairs our roads so desperately need,” said Governor Bob McDonnell. “In particular, we will be able to ensure this funding goes toward making necessary improvements to I-264 and I-64. This situation should not have happened and we are working to make certain that it does not happen again.”

VDOT Commissioner Whirley has developed a plan of action that resulted from a report he ordered VDOT to conduct immediately following the incident.

“We are following through on our commitment to get to the bottom of this,” said VDOT Commissioner Greg Whirley. “VDOT has completed a preliminary report, which evaluates what went wrong and outlines actions to prevent any similar events in the future. While the combination of heavy rain and an aging roadway can cause pavement problems, the number and severity of potholes on southside I-64 and I-264 in early February were absolutely unacceptable. VDOT is focused on solutions to correct the problem. In the short-term, we issued an emergency directive with other contractors to repair potholes immediately, which occurred last month. Work continues to rehabilitate the roadway. In the long-term, VDOT is working toward permanent pavement rehabilitation that will endure the pressures of weather and heavy traffic.”

Whirley said the following actions are being taken immediately:

• Large potholes (6” x 6” x 1 ½”) are being fixed immediately with durable materials that withstand weather and traffic. These potholes are being repaired with hot asphalt plant mix and other products that extend the life of the pavement.
• Potholes and pavement failure are being prevented as much as possible by performing early intervention. This involves VDOT and contract crews, including TME Enterprises, aggressively monitoring the roadway and evaluating any signs of pavement weakness before potholes occur. This is followed by necessary pavement repairs to stop potholes from forming or becoming more severe.

Longer term measures include a major rebuild of I-64 in the southside area and the entire stretch of I-264. More than $40 million in concrete rehabilitation contracts are currently under way exclusively for those roadways.

Commonwealth of Virginia, Office of Governor Bob McDonnell


Office of the Governor Contact: Jeff Caldwell Phone: (804) 225-4260 Email: Jeff.Caldwell@Governor.Virginia.Gov

Virginia Department of Transportation Contact: Shannon N. Marshall Phone: 804-371-6844 Email:


Disclosure: Keith Parnell is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance.
Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance
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  • Dave Mitchell on Facebook says:

    Keith, how do you come up with the hit to public transit? As I understand, the 40 million project was already approved, and the replacing all of 264 has not even been sent to the CTB. That means several years down the road.

    March 12, 2013 at 7:46 AM
  • Keith Parnell on Facebook says:

    I’m not following what you’re asking, Dave.

    March 12, 2013 at 9:23 AM
  • Dave Mitchell on Facebook says:

    How is fixing the roads a loss to Transit? Did they take money away ment for transit to do it?

    March 12, 2013 at 9:35 AM
  • Keith Parnell says:

    I didn’t say that fixing the roads is a loss to public transit. Be sure you are reading the source article at, and not on Facebook. Those two comments are in separate paragraphs. Facebook jacks with formatting.

    My point was that Hampton Roads must rethink at its core that public transit must be more of a priority. Road repair gets lost in the public’s thinking when figuring the cost of single-vehicle transit.

    March 12, 2013 at 10:29 AM

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