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Overall, Android is on top, but wealthiest consumers likelier to own an iPhone

According to a report from eMarketer on a study by Pew Internet & American Life Project, wealthier Americans are more likely to choose the iPhone over Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones.

In May 2013, Android was ahead of iOS  by 3 percentage points; Android ran on 28% of mobile phone owners’ smartphones,  compared with 25% on iPhones running iOS. BlackBerry and Windows took very small shares by comparison, at 4% of mobile  phone owners and 1%, respectively.

But among the wealthiest consumers, the iPhone is still No. 1. Two out of five  mobile phone owners with incomes of $75,000 or more owned an iPhone. And  similarly, among those with college educations or higher, iPhone ownership  reached 38% penetration, compared with 29% for Android.

Smartphone Survey

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Does it surprise you to hear that less than half mobile phone users are smartphone users?

NEW YORK, NY (May 29, 2013)—According to new figures from  eMarketer, several markets worldwide reached a milestone in mobile usage last  year. By the end of 2012, over half of mobile phone users in each country had  made the switch from feature phones to smartphones. The coming years will see a  domino effect hit regions around the world as smartphones become the norm in  more places.


Who is really the most popular mobile handset in the world?

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

No propaganda. No advertiser infused fake numbers. It’s Nokia. Then Samsung. Then everyone else.

Apple is not in the discussion. Nor is Android. Nor is BlackBerry.

Here are the numbers:

  1. Nokia – 417.1M sold in 2011.
  2. Samsung – 327.4M sold in 2011.
  3. Apple – 93.0M sold in 2011.

This is exactly why I tell my friends that I’m excited about Nokia coming to T-Mobile in the United States. The Nokia running Windows Mobile 8 or Windows Mobile 9 will be the smartphone that gets me away from BlackBerry.

* source: Strategy Analytics

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Have an extra $7k Lying Around for a TAG Heuer Smartphone?

TAG Heuer Link Smartphone

TAG Heuer smartphoneStep right up and enter the weird, wacky world of… luxury phones. The TAG Heuer Link Smartphone (€4,700; roughly $6,800) is the latest in a long line of insane handsets, using watch-worthy construction and materials like stainless steel, gold, diamonds, black PVD, titanium, rubber, calfskin and carbon leather, alligator, and lizard to augment its fairly pedestrian feature set that includes an 800×480, 3.5-inch screen, a five megapixel camera, GSM 3G, Bluetooth, aGPS, Wi-Fi, WAPI, and the “avant-garde” Android 2.2 operating system. Right.

Original article is here.

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What do you know about the Dell Streak 7 tablet?

Dell Streak 7Rumors are that T-mobile will launch the Dell Streak 7 on January 19th, 2011. Any thoughts out there on DELL’s tablet?

I’ve done a bit of research on the BlackBerry Playbook and, as much as I am a BlackBerry evangelist, I’m not a fan. It’s not a BlackBerry running the RIM operating system. The BlackBerry Playbook is some other device with the BlackBerry name attached to it that doesn’ t look or function like my beloved BlackBerry smartphone.

Internet TV Can’t Compete with DirecTV – But Why Try?

DirecTV satellite dishOn this snowy day in #HRVA, I’m in the office with NPR talking in the background. They are running a show on Internet TV vs cable / satellite television. Really? Why do people think that Internet TV can ever compete with cable and satellite?

What about live sporting events? What about new shows?

There are great features and advantages for watching my DirecTV on the big screen.
There are great features and advantages for watching my Netflix streaming on the big screen.

But I want both. Separately, for me to make a choice what features I want at that time.

Side note: I know some people think they like this but I will never want to watch TV or a movie on my BlackBerry, or any smartphone. Clint Eastwood belongs on my big screen. Not on a handheld.

Our kids are connected – Are you?

kids on iPhoneWe all knew this was coming. The 8-18 year-old generation is tomorrow’s business leaders. This generation will be 100% connected when they hit the workforce because it’s been a normal way of life all of their lives.

A national survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that … today, 8-18 year-olds devote an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes (7:38) to using entertainment media across a typical day (more than 53 hours a week). And because they spend so much of that time ‘media multitasking’ (using more than one medium at a time), they actually manage to pack a total of 10 hours and 45 minutes (10:45) worth of media content into those 7½ hours.

How does this compare to your digital life? The technology is here today to retrieve, and have pushed to you, any type or massive amount of information you could imagine. Whether you want to or not, the means to make you more efficient is here in our laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Are you taking full advantage of the digital revolution?

Photo credit: waxmerchant

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Fascinating Video – What’s coming to our world in 2010?

I stumbled across this really cool interview Robert Scoble (Rackspace Hosting) did with Jeremiah Owyang (Altimeter Group, formerly of Forrester Research) and Ray Wang (Altimeter Group, formerly of Forrester Research). I can’t remember the last time I didn’t stray from a 27 minute video. These guys are fascinating and definitely forward-thinkers that you should follow.

My takeaways from the video:

Sometime real-time is not fast enough.” – Jeremiah Owyang

Translation: We must think about what will happen tomorrow and predict moves, changes, issues, and trends.

B2B and B2C is dead.” – Ray Wang

Translation: Because of the ‘best of breed’ concept between on-premise information storage and cloud computing, the fundamentals of relationships are changing.

The Social CRM Space is becoming evermore dominant. Mapping out your social graph is what companies are doing today in preparation for tomorrow. Facebook wants to become an identity company, not a social network. Their vision is that wherever you go on the web, your Facebook friends go with you.

I put that [RSS Reader] away. Most of my traffic is coming from Twitter.” – Jeremiah Owyang

Translation: We cannot afford to not have real-time data today.

iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. Android – “Definitely iPhone because its platform is easier to build on.” – Ray Wang

Translation: A lot of developers will be able to build on the iPhone platform much easier than any other. Simple for the developer means power and more technology for the consumer and enterprise user.

Special Note: This may be the first time any comment has intrigued me about the iPhone. Being a BlackBerry evangelist (!), I’ve always contended that BlackBerry will be tops for a long time. I’m interested now in the iPhone purely because it could solve some of the limitations I have now with mobile technology.

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Text while you drive in Virginia, pay a $20 fine. Oooh.

Texting while DrivingSeveral new laws have gone into effect beginning today, July 1, 2009. Of them is making it illegal for drivers to text or email while behind the wheel. The fine for such an offense: $20. Yikes. Who is that going to deter?

List of new laws in Virginia*:

  • Ban reading or sending text messages or e-mails while driving.
  • Allow voters to wear political T-shirts, buttons or other apparel to the polls.
  • Prohibit stores from selling novelty cigarette lighters to those under 18.
  • Require localities that collect guns as part of buyback programs to attempt to sell them to licensed dealers before destroying them.
  • Allow courts to suspend the driver’s licenses of teens who miss 10 consecutive days of school.
  • Impose a 10 percent tax on pay-per-view movies in Virginia hotel rooms, with the money divided evenly between the general fund and a pool of money that provides incentives for filmmakers to shoot movies in Virginia.
  • Bar public access to a statewide database of Virginians with permits to carry concealed handguns. The public still could get information on concealed carry permit holders at each circuit court.
  • Bar payday lenders from offering different types of loans in an effort to get around tough new restrictions placed on the short-term, high-interest loans.

* Source:

A Connected World and how important is it?

Various SmartphonesI think a very important question for company decision-makers is, How Tethered Should My Team Be?

My world is very interesting and overall I think unique. Not unique for the tech industry but unique as compared to the work force as a whole. I require myself to be electronically connected at almost all hours of every night and day. Much to Nicole’s chagrin, yes, ‘every’ night and day. My tech team is nearly the same and during their disconnected times there should be another connected person capable of filling the needs of the organization.

Let’s move to other member (sets) of the organization’s team. Should the Operations team be consistently connected? Should the Creative team be consistently connected? Should the Sales team be consistently connected? Should the Marketing team be consistently connected? Within each of these teams an evaluation of senior management, team leads and team members should also be weighed. Should they, or at least their role, be consistently connected?

Here’s my answer – YES! Yes, they absolutely sure should. Each of these teams occupy a vital role in the decision-making processes that are important to the organization’s success. A senior member of each of these teams should be always available, reachable and able to communication at any given time as dictated by the real-time needs of the organization.

So how do we make this connectability happen? Smartphones. Smartphones that are reliable, (platform) stable, secure, usable, functional and yes, okay attractive. RIM’s BlackBerry tops the list of recommendations from every top organization around the globe. Nokia (the N95) makes fine smartphone products as does Palm (the Treo).’s Survey Results for “How Addicted to Your SmartPhone Are You?
5% – My phone is for business. I put it away at night, unless I’m traveling for work.
2% – I check messages every few hours after work and on weekends. But I’d never bring my smartphone on vacation.
19% – I’m more productive because of my smartphone, and it doesn’t negatively affect my work/life balance. I wouldn’t call it an addiction.
67% – My smartphone never leaves my side. At work, rest, play, vacation, you name itmy best electronic friend is with me.
7% – IMHO That’s NOYB. BB4N. EOM. (In my humble opinion, that’s none of your business. Bye bye for now. End of message.)

Where do you stand?

History of the BlackBerry: 1998 – 2008

Research In Motion held an event to celebrate the opening of a new plant in Sydney, Australia. At the event, they had a nice panel showing the history of BlackBerry devices dating back to the RIM 950 Wireless Handheld (bottom left) released in 1998, followed by the 957 model in 2000 (top left). RIM unveiled the data and voice BlackBerry 5810 (bottom right) in 2002.

History of Research In Motion (RIM) and BlackBerry

See the full set of photos from the RIM display here.