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Stephen A Smith’s Take on Kobe Bryant’s Comments on Trayvon Martin

Touchy. Sensitive. Real. These adjectives describe the Trayvon Martin situation in America. Stephen A Smith and Kobe Bryant have an interesting take from an African-American’s standpoint. See the video below with Stephen A Smith on The Arsenio Hall Show.

  • Naima G. Ford on Facebook says:

    I think both of their statements are fair. I agree that as African-Americans we should not always blame situations on race. With that being said, I appreciate that in the case of both Stephen Smith and Kobe Bryant neither are stating that the Trayvon Martin situation wasn’t unjust in the end. People are passionate about these comments but they are not listening. Kobe never said anything about the case directly. Only that as a people African-Americans should stop defending these situations based on race alone.

    March 31, 2014 at 10:22 AM

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