Some people can’t help but be idiots: ‘Special needs kids should be kept in special places’

Garcia & CastilloMichael Garcia, a waiter for a Houston restaurant, stood up to a family not wanting to sit next to a 5-year old with Down Syndrome. He refused to wait on them at the risk of losing his job. Would you stand up to discrimination against a 5-year old Down Syndrome child?

Matt reports:

Kim Castilo and her five-year-old son Milo were having dinner at Laurenzo’s Prime Rib restaurant in Houston when the group seated at the booth next to theirs requested to be moved.

“Tonight was a first. A family of 4 asked to be moved from the booth next to us. As it turns out they told the waiter, ‘Special needs kids should be kept in special places’,” said Castillo.

Castillo says that after hearing the group’s insult against her son, waiter Michael Garcia refused to serve them. Garcia says that the Castillo’s are regular customers at Laurenzo’s.

“I had considered whether or not I would lose my job, but I knew it wasn’t right,” said Garcia.

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