Sad, Very Sad News from Riverview in Norfolk on Veneziano Restaurant

Veneziano RestaurantAfter a run of 67 years, a classic, family-run Norfolk restaurant is closing. It seems the economy has hit The Veneziano Restaurant very hard lately.

This is our fault. This is the citizens of Norfolk’s fault for not supporting our local businesses. The food at Veneziano was fabulous. The atmosphere was fun and classic. Shame on me and shame on you for not better supporting local.

Our friends Ken and Nicole of Go Local 757 push this message hard. How can we help? How can we keep our local businesses going strong. This is our responsibility! Support Local.

2 thoughts on “Sad, Very Sad News from Riverview in Norfolk on Veneziano Restaurant

  • Well said Keith, but it doesn’t stop there.
    I have seen dozens of local retail merchants lose their way of life due to the Internet. Yes the internet. Consumers are so driven by the allure of a lower price that they will sacrifice the service and support of a local retail outlet. In turn their neighbors and friends do not create the profits and sales tax that help sustain the local economy. Nor can they pay their own bills or put food on their own family table.
    What Internet consumers refuse to realize is that most local providers will often offer a lower price as well. Meanwhile they put money into the pockets of faceless strangers and foreign countries. (Walmart/China).

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