Role of the CIO, Socially Speaking

JASE Social Media 2.0This is a follow-up to an earlier post about whether Chief Information Officers should have experienced technology, business or both backgrounds.

I made a statement that our CIO in 2009 must be the go-to person at the C-level conference table for social media topics. It went something like this

… the role of the CIO, in 2009 we will be adding a specific requirement that satisfies marketing initiative requirements. The CIO must understand and must support social media. Period.

To further elaborate, I believe it is the CIO’s responsibility to be all over social networks for their company, to be knowledgeable in the environment and understand them architecturally. This means experience. This means active participation.

The CIO must know, in enough detail, the relationship between architecture, strategy and innovation. And must be able to establish goals for the IT division that will satisfy marketing on social platforms like JASEzone.


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