KP yellow car in tropics

Does “Rat Lady” properly brand your pizza delivery company?

When I’m asked, should your employees reflect your company brand, I honestly try wholeheartedly to not have a puzzled look on my face. YES. Of course, your employees reflect on your and your organization’s brand.

Everything and everyone you surround yourself with reflects and represents your brand. These things are the essence of your organization’s brand.

Why am I thinking about this today, you ask?

I passed a car on the road recently, a pizza delivery driver for a local franchise of a national chain. The delivery driver’s license plate read, “Rat Lady”. That’s right, “Rat Lady”.

I’ll pause for a moment and let that sink in . . .

If “Rat Lady” had a local exterminator’s sign glowing on top of her car, or a local pet shop sign prominently displayed, I would not have given her a second thought. But a food delivery service coming to my home served up by “Rat Lady”? I think not.

Brand Management take-away: be aware of and respectfully conscious of the public elements of your organization. Consumers see the tentacles of your organization for what they are (without a chance of explanation or interpretation), and immediately draw their own conclusions about you — good or bad, right or wrong.

* NOTE: This article should not be interpreted in any manner that I oppose rats as pets. I have heard from friends they are very friendly.