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Tools of the Trade in the Man Room
Tools of the Trade in the Man Room

I had a buddy (cousin, actually) that approached me earlier this week wanting a few cigar recommendations. He’s a newbie in the cigar world and wanted to get a fair shake at starting with a decent smoke.

Of course I recommended the A Fuente OpusX and the CAO LX2, which are my favorites, by far.

That got me thinking about sharing with you a few cigar feeds that I have in my Google Reader. I try to keep up with them as much as possible – these guys review some very good smokes.

What others do you have that you could share?

Cigar Aficionado Blog Posts,4798,,00.xml

Cigar Reviews and News at Cigar Jack’s Cigar Blog

Cigar Reviews and Ratings at Cigar Inspector

DogWatch Cigar Radio

The Stogie Review

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