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The meat-and-potatoes of brand management

Expanding your brand online establishes a protective shield of armor that makes it able to withstand public scrutiny while continuing to grow its delicate and fluid underbelly. That sounds a bit elaborate and dramatic, but certainly holds true.

Today’s multitude of social communities has opened avenues for us to expand our brand for the world to see on many additional levels and from many complementary angles that has not been available in years past.

Online Brand Dashboard. Think of your website as a dashboard. The dashboard in itself is a master control panel that controls the many perceptions of your brand. The way you write, the stories you tell, the topics you explore, all tell a story in developing your brand in this central system. The dashboard is also, and most importantly, the portal with which your online brand glistens to the world. Every avenue points back to your brand dashboard and must remain defined and on-task.

Online Brand Avenues. Our digital avenues, i.e., social communities in this case, are living and breathing entities that exude our brand like a flower for a plant. And so we must feed, nourish and protect these social communities’ views of our brand just as we control our dashboard. We do this by maintaining our community profiles with the same integrity and care as we do ourselves.

Expanding and controlling your brand online is not the easiest of tasks. But its rewards are immense in just the widespread audience it can touch quickly. So just as you are true to yourself, your human brand, you must be as true to your digital brand because forever will it be an extension of you.

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