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What makes you so marketable? Is it your brand itself?

I think it’s a given that I’m a Starbucks (hazel)nut to people that know me . So I’ll use them as an example in my branding ‘point of the day‘.

What makes Starbucks’ brand so powerful? Is it the décor at their socially inviting retail stores? Is it the commerce selections of their musical CDs or travel mugs? Is it the yummy taste of their Hazelnut Lattes? Is it the wireless Internet and the chic aura of having an off-site business meeting while sipping a $5 green tea?

Who is responsible for Starbucks’ increased brand awareness over the past few years? Is it their marketing department for their brilliant ideas that come from brainstorming sessions that (I’m sure) occur daily at their beanery? Is it the cool crowd that gathers in hoards to shell out money for half the value of the products purchased?

These are all good questions that an ideal marketing plan researches, explains in detail, and lays out a strategy for forward motion. It’s time to tackle this situation for your brand. Let’s talk.