Listening to Norah Jones New Album – streaming – free – Thanks to NPR!

Norah Jones on NPRI’m listening to Norah Jones complete new album, The Fall, on NPR while catching the muted MLB World Series on the background television. That’s right, the whole album, free. Thanks NPR!

On The Fall, Jones maintains her jazzy, sultry sound while pushing into more contemporary pop territory. “Chasing Pirates,” “Even Though” and “It’s Gonna Be” (the album’s most rock-oriented song) are excellent examples of her new approach. But she doesn’t abandon the old one completely: “Back to Manhattan” may be her loveliest song since “Come Away With Me,” while “Man of the Hour” is set to a bluesy shuffle and “December” possesses a lullaby-like quality.

A warm, organic-sounding record, The Fall showcases Jones’ musical depth in exciting and unexpected ways, suitable for old fans and newcomers alike. Please leave your opinions of the album in the comments section below.

Listen to Norah Jones on NPR here.

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