In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., 10 Things You May Not Know About Him

MLK jrFrom the Huffington Post:

His Name Was Changed At 6 Years Old
When MLK was six years old, his father changed the name on his birth certificate to Martin Luther King, Jr., and his own name to Martin Luther King, Sr., to pay tribute to the seminal Protestant reformer.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a Trekkie
King watched the show with his family and even convinced actress Nichelle “Lt. Uhura” Nichols to stay on the show. The gifted orator reportedly told her: “You are part of history, and it’s your responsibility, even though it wasn’t your career choice.”

He Sang At The Premiere Of ‘Gone With The Wind’
King’s booming voice wasn’t just for orating. In 1939, he sang with the Ebenezer Baptist Church choir at the film premiere of “Gone With The Wind.”

He Skipped Two Grades
MLK Jr. was an ambitious student from the start, skipping two grades in high school and entering college as a 15-year-old freshman.

He Spent His Wedding Night In A Funeral Home
When MLK Jr. married Coretta Scott in 1953, the newlyweds were not allowed to spend their honeymoon in a white-owned hotel, so the couple spent their wedding night at a black funeral home.

There Are 900 Streets Named After Him
There are over 900 streets named after Martin Luther King, Jr. around the world. Forty U.S. states have at least one MLK Jr. named road of their own.

He’s The Second Most Admired Person
In 1999, Americans chose MLK Jr., as the second most admired person of the century, according to a Gallup poll. (Mother Theresa came in first.)

His Favorite Pie Was Pecan
The American icon’s favorite foods were fried chicken and pecan pie.

‘I Have A Dream’ Was Largely Improvised
According to his autobiography, King’s famed “I Have A Dream” speech was largely improvised.

He Had The Heart Of A 60-Year-Old When He Died
Although King was only 39 when he was assassinated, his autopsy revealed he had the heart of a 60 year old. The doctor believed this was a result of heavy stress.

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