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HRT proposal would raise bus, ferry, light rail fares

No rate increase to passengers since 1999 certainly gives HRT the right to adjust their fares, right?


The price of a bus, light rail or ferry ride would increase to $2 from $1.50 under a wide-ranging proposal to raise revenue for Hampton Roads Transit.

The HRT staff presented the recommendations Thursday to members of the agency’s governing board. The public will have a chance to weigh in on the proposals at hearings in January before a vote by commissioners in February. Any changes would take effect in July.

The staff report said the new fare structure might reduce ridership by 5.9 percent – the equivalent of about 1.1 million riders across HRT’s services. Even with the loss of those trips, the higher rates are expected to increase revenue for the agency by $3.25 million – a 22.2 percent increase from last fiscal year.

Hampton Roads Transit has not increased its base $1.50 fare since the agency’s inception in 1999, while the price of fuel and other expenses have risen for the agency.

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By Dave Forster

The Virginian-Pilot

© November 15, 2013


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Disclosure: Keith Parnell is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance.
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