Google will be News Dead Soon

Okay, maybe not exactly “dead”. But if Rupert Murdoch has anything to do with it, Google will have no parts of the New York Post’s news.

What happens when Google can no longer spider News Corp websites? That includes the New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Daily Telegraph, and USA Today. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman & CEO of News Corp, says the time is near.

Murdoch says that Google is in the group of people that just take our work and steal our stories. Murdoch also says that News Corp’s family of news websites are very close to blocking Google from gaining access to their content.

That means when you searched “shootings at Ft Hood” last week, none of the major news sites would appear in the Google results.

Many of the news generating websites will be by subscription only or the search engine companies, Google, Microsoft (Bing), etc will have to purchase the ability to spider their news content in order for their news articles to appear in the search results.

I borrowed this quote from Jason’s blog:

So, for a moment, imagine a world where Bing could say in their TV commercials:

“Want to search the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and 3,894 other newspapers and magazine?”

“Well, then don’t go to Google because they don’t have them!”

“Go to Bing, home of quality content you can trust!”

What do you think? Would certain information or certain current (quick) news make you change search providers?

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Sky News political editor David Speers talks to News Corporation chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch about paywalls, politics, and more.

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