KP women with surveillance cameras

Facebook could allow what?

I heard a conversation recently on #Bloomberg #Technology around Facebook’s latest announcement on privacy and security. According to, Facebook will implement “end-to-end encryption, an unbreakable way to hide the content of messages.” That sounds good, right? Wrong.

Imagine bullies on Facebook can do their thing without accountability. Imagine terrorists can plan their attacks on Facebook without being detected. Imagine pedophiles can spread their child pornographic photos on Facebook with complete privacy.

Every six minutes, on average, Facebook gets a request from a U.S. government agency for information about gangs, drug trafficking or other suspected crimes, and the social network generally cooperates, turning over at least some data 86 percent of the time. But that close relationship could be reshaped by CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s move this week to embrace a technology that law enforcement officials say could stymie their investigations.

Yeah, no! This is not progress. This is not good for our civil society.