Endorsement of Hampton Roads Crossing Study Option D, build it all approach to relieving transportation congestion

The Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board is looking to formally adopt a solution to help relieve transportation congestion in Hampton Roads. Four options for the Hampton Roads Crossing Study are being considered.

In the meantime, the Virginia Department of Transportation will release environmental impact study findings on four options on August 5th. And there will be two meetings, one on September 7th at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton and another on September 8th at the Quality Suites at Lake Wright in Norfolk, where the public will be able to express their opinions on the options. The Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization board will make its recommendation in October.

JASE Group CEO and Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads Commissioner Keith Parnell has given his undeniable endorsement to the complete package option. “Resolving our traffic congestion issues in Hampton Roads should be a top priority for our region. We need to figure a way to make this happen in a financially responsible manner and continue to encourage positive growth in our economy.” He goes on to say, “Additionally, we should not consider any option that does not have light rail as a part of its planning and development. The Third Crossing Bridge-Tunnel connecting Norfolk, Newport News & Suffolk should without a doubt include light rail public transit.”

After the Commonwealth Transportation Board formally adopts a solution, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will start the permitting process, which should be completed by the end of 2018 or 2019.

Hampton Roads Crossing Study Alternatives

A. Adding a third tube to the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (in the middle) to bring it to six lanes total. Adding two more lanes to I-64 in Norfolk to bring it to six lanes.

B. The same as option A, plus improvements to I-564 from I-64 in Norfolk, a new bridge-tunnel across the Elizabeth River and a new four-lane road along the east side of Craney Island to Va. Route 164 in Portsmouth. It would also expand Va. Route 164 to six lanes.

C. The “Third Crossing” that includes the Craney Island extension, widening I-664 from I-64 in Hampton to I-264 in Chesapeake to eight lanes (including a new crossing parallel to the I-664 Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel) and a new crossing between I-664 and I-564, north of Craney Island. Many improvements would include two transit-only lanes.

D. Combines options B and C.


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