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Digital Marketing Strategies ready for your team

Establishing a digital marketing strategy can be a large undertaking. But breaking the process down into manageable tasks can make your life easier. Let’s talk through how to develop a solid marketing plan to help grow your business.

Develop a strategy. Don’t go in blind and hope for the best. Your brand is important, so brainstorm and create a digital marketing plan to tackle your goals.

Set goals. Again, don’t go in blind with no direction. Surely you have things you want to accomplish for your business. Fully identify them. Discuss them as a team. And set them in stone so your strategy has direction.

Establish a content marketing plan. Whether your target audience lives online, in the newspapers, on the radio, or on television, the content you develop must be on-message for that target and available on their schedule. Plan your content delivery accordingly.

Don’t forget about SEO. And just as important, don’t let SEO rule the day. What do I mean? You need to get found by Google, Bing, Siri, and Alexa. So following smart-SEO standards are essential. But don’t let this make your digital content unreadable for humans. Catchy and interesting content that holds readers in-place should be at top of mind.

Did you send an email newsletter this week? What, you didn’t? Email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing tactics in your toolbox when executed properly. First, be sure to ask for an email address in your contact forms. Second, always have an email newsletter sign-up form available on your website/blog. And as regular as you are with content generation on your website and social communities, you should be just as thorough with email newsletter delivery to your target audience. Hit them in their inbox where you have their undivided attention.

Use your social connections. Depending on the message and type of  content, promote to your social communities. New content should get delivered appropriately, and evergreen content should be put in a delivery rotation. Don’t forget about paid advertising opportunities in the social communities to help with further detailed targeting of your audience.