KP driving excellence by mark aesch

Creating a company culture around selflessness rather than ego

I’m polishing off a book lived and written by Mark Aesch titled, Driving Excellence. Mark does a powerful job of explaining his discoveries within the doors of Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority when he took over as CEO in 2004, and how he led them out of a hole of failure and into “lower fares, multi-million-dollar surpluses, and the highest ridership and customer satisfaction levels in twenty years“.

Changing a company’s culture is a massive, and near impossible, undertaking. “Creat[ing] a culture around selflessness rather than ego, and get[ting] employees invested in saving the company,” takes a lot of grit, thick skin, and ‘sticktuitiveness’ to the strategic goals that a lot of leaders do not possess. Mark did/does.

Many thanks to my friend, The Honorable Thelma Drake, for giving me this gem of a book.