Barisieur Brewing Alarm Clock

The sweet smells of heavenly coffee brewing on my nightstand

This may sound a bit like an advert or an endorsement, but believe me, it’s not. Well, maybe a wishlist endorsement. :) I’d love to wake up every morning with this puppy bubbling and smelling like heaven on my nightstand.

Having a warm cup of coffee or tea sitting on your nightstand the moment your eyes open sounds more like a dream than a wake-up call. This machine lures you into consciousness with the aroma of a fresh brew and the sound of bubbling water. Using induction heating and stainless steel ball bearings, water boils and is siphoned over grounds or leaves to drip into the included cup while you sleep. The wood and steel base also houses a cooler for cream or milk that’s activated by an infrared sensor so as to not waste power if there’s nothing inside. The brewer components are crafted from stainless steel and laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, a material befitting its chemistry kit aesthetic.

Height: 11.8″ / Width: 11.0″ / Depth: 6.93″ / Cup Capacity: 5.41 oz. / Boiling Vessel Capacity: 6.76 oz.



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