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Big Conversation on NPR’s On Point on Using the Apple iPad in the Classroom

What do you think? Can Apple’s new iBooks 2 work on the classroom? Can they replace textbooks? Is the iPad affordable enough? Is the iPad a legitimate contender to take out the textbooks?

The Digital Future Of Textbooks

The revolution brewing in your child’s backpack. One little computer tablet may soon replace all those big old textbooks.

It hits in middle school.  The twenty-pound school backpack.  Loaded with notepads and pencils and gear and – above all – textbooks.  Big old heavy paper-and-ink textbooks loaded with math lessons and history and diagrams of frog intestines.  It sounds so 20th Century.

Now, there’s a push on to throw out the textbooks and load everything a young student needs onto one little nifty tablet computer.  Weighs just a pound.  Carries the world.  As many digital textbooks as you like.  Ready to dazzle.  Will they work?

source: On Point

Category: Apple, Technology

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