Are you the reason your CEO does not see the value of Social Media?

when is something worth doingThere are many challenges to implementing a social media marketing campaign into an organization’s culture.

Challenge #1 –
The first is that you, as the marketer or stakeholder in the organization, must understand that social media marketing cannot stand alone as a marketing initiative. JASE has written on this quite a bit. Your social media marketing initiatives must support a larger inbound marketing campaign that supports the sales goals of the organization or your efforts will all be for naught.

Challenge #2 –
Probably the largest challenge to implementing a social media marketing plan into an organization’s culture is buy-in from the CEO. Comments from the top like, “We are not a social media company,” or “We don’t have time for you to play on Facebook,” are common when executives do not understand the vast numbers of people occupying the social community space and the power of those social players with the influence they have on decision making within their own organizations.

So, here’s a possible solution to your problem –
Think like a marketer, a new media marketer.
Break down your target audience into groups of sponges that want and need what you’re selling. Online, offline, doesn’t matter.
Understand your demographic studies.
Then understand your socialgraphic studies.

Now you have enough information to determine where those sponges are living. Are they living on your billboards? Are they living in the blogosphere? Are they living on your radio spot? Are they living in Facebook? Are they living on your newspaper ads? Are they searching Google?

The bottom line to this solution is to understand people. Get rid of the terms “traditional advertising” and “social media”. That’s right, I said get rid of the term “social media”. Because in the end, when results of dollars spent are determined, it doesn’t matter where you reached your sponges. What matters is that you reached your sponges and they like what you have to say.


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