7 Days Later, That Damn Sequester Thing is Still Our Nightmare

Virginia cannot afford to let this happen! We cannot let our Congress cut 200k jobs in Virginia. If you haven’t researched this Sequester nightmare (“automatic” spending cuts) coming out of DC, you NEED to now.

I wrote about this last Sunday and again today the talking heads are still beating us with it. Write your Congressman. Let them know that Sequestration is not acceptable. Let them know that we are expecting them to do their damn jobs!

One thought on “7 Days Later, That Damn Sequester Thing is Still Our Nightmare

  • Dan Parnell


    Norfolk, as San Diego (my hometown), will get hammered by Sequester defense cuts. Virginia and California are similar militarily, Keith. State and local economies will be impacted by reduced military spending, at the cost of government and private sector business and jobs. Working Americans deserve better. One cannot help wonder if this whole Sequester scenario could have been avoided in the first place. That is to say, does this Administration care anyway? Dan Parnell

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