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Is Your Organic Content Boosting Your Company Social Signal? Your SEO Visibility May Be Suffering

There are 2 main principles at the top of a successful SEO strategy.

  1. Quality Organic Content Creation
  2. Inbound Link Building

Following those two principles have been a tried and true formula for a successful increase in your website’s visibility in search engine traffic. Emerging from those principles was the resulting overload that was spammer content and keyword laced drivel that had no real benefit for the user to read. That outcome lead to the opportunity for Bing (their decision engine’s ability to return smarter search results) to gain market share and the subsequent creation of Google’s Panda Algorithm, once Google lost market share to other search engines, in an attempt provide higher quality content on search queries.

Today is the day we add a 3rd to that list.

It has been slow in coming, we have talked about it several times in our recent past, and it was finally confirmed by Google’s Eric Schmidt at the LeWebb 2011 conference in Paris, France. We are talking about “Social Signals” and businesses better adapt their inbound marketing strategies or they will be left behind.


Social signal in layman’s terms is the popularity of a piece of content on the web.


The major search engines value social signal, as far as we know, almost as much as they value back linking. Every page or piece of content that gets shared, +1′d, or tweeted increases that corresponding website’s social signal. Every article that is shared on StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg boosts your company’s social signal. Every check in or comment for a business’ website boosts the social signal to the search engines, telling them that this particular website is more important than others.


Could your business’ website continue to rank high in search engine traffic without increased social signal? It is conceivable, but eventually, as search engines become better at interpreting what the user wants; all factors that contribute to SEO will become equal. Meaning, if your website’s social signal is low, it will be passed by other sites.


Get on board now, don’t wait for the train to pass you by, and your forced to play catch up. Social signals are here to stay, all the signs point to it. Google+’s incorporation in search, Google’s deal with TwitterFacebook’s deal with Bing, they all point to social signal being the SEO wave of the future. Creation of popular/shareable organic content will weigh heavily on how visible your website will be.

Is Your Organic Content Boosting Your Company’s Social Signal? Your SEO Visibility May Be Suffering

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Christmas Day was Huge for iOS & Android New Activations

It looks like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems were the big winners on Christmas Day this year with almost 7 million new activations.

iOS & Android activations

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Flipboard on the iPad has become My Favorite App, I think

I feel like a big deal because I created a Flipboard account for my iPad this morning. Okay, maybe not a big deal. But I do love the Flipboard app enough to give them my email address.

I think Flipboard may be my favorite app, for any device, that I use now.

Flipboard account

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Air Dictate app brings Siri voice control to Macs, makes you feel just a little more important

Well, this was probably inevitable. Given that we’ve already seen Siri respond to custom commands,replace your remote and adjust the temperature in your house, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone, somewhere has figured out how to make her control Macs. That’s what’s going on with Air Dictate by Avatron, a new app that allows you to dictate memos and other Very Important Business so that it appears in your text editor, without you having to type it yourself. Once you download the $1 app, you’ll need to visit Avatron’s website, download the Air Dictate Receiver software for your Mac and make sure the two devices are connected to the same WiFi network. So far as we can tell, it should work with any application that accepts text input, though for now it’s only compatible with Macs and the iPhone 4S (sorry, jailbreakers).

Air Dictate app brings Siri’s voice control to Macs, makes you feel just a little more important from Flipboard)

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Working on the 2012 Speaking Calendar

Most of you know that I’m a professional speaker. I’ll be working on my speaking calendar for 2012 this week and have already had several requests to speak at events in the upcoming year. So please shoot me a message as soon as possible so we can work out the details.

Let’s talk about the topic that works for your group, the dates we both have available, and other details such as what I can do to help your event be a huge success. I can even talk discount rates for the right group(s).

Keith Parnell - Professional Speaker

If you have questions along the lines of scheduling, speaking & travel fees or even discount rates, contact me here today before the 2012 calendar fills up.

To keep up with what’s going on throughout the year, make sure to subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed here and sign up for inbox alerts here.

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